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We have been awarded various competition and challenge awards. Our specialists are educational games, VR, and AR. Let's make innovations with us.

Who We Are

Joy Leap Studio is an Indonesian video game development company based in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. 6 years experiences in game development, make us more bold to bring your ideas into reality. So let's make it nicely.

Joy Leap Studio is was founded on June 15, 2015. It has worked with many big company in Indonesia like PJBA, SCD, UNUSA, PENS, ITS, EXON, UNESA, BMKG Denpasar etc.

The company produces AR, VR and educational games, providing gamified solutions to companies either via gamification of systems, advertisement games or training games meant to simulate the work

Our Vision

Joy Leap Studio is determined to become a leading Information Technology Game Developer and Creative Media Company with a Professional orientation.

Our Mission

- Developing the Video Game Industry that focuses on Mobile, VR, AR games with a Business and Professional Service orientation.

- Accommodating the Potential of Human Resources and developing Business Opportunities in the existing Game Technology field.

- Contribute to the Development & Advancement of Game Technology.

AR, VR, Edugame
2D and 3D Art Design

Our History

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New Office

Introducing new HQ Office : Joy Leap Studio, Lantai 2 Bengkel Murni Motor, Jalan Kemasan 32, Krian, Sidoarjo


1st Winners Anifest 2018

Anifest 2018 is organized by the Industry and Trade Office of East Java Province as a place to appreciate creative works in the animation field.


Ardiles Infinite Skate Runner

Successfully made a VR game called Ardiles Infinite Skate Runner, an exciting game played with a VR headset featuring Ardiles best products in it.


Promising Game Developer

Get Award from Dicoding and Bekraf Developer Conference 2016 as "Promising Game Developer".



Found in 2015 by three person. First step to make Dreams come true.

Meet Our Team

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Miftakhul Firdaus CEO Passionate in Virtual and Augmented Reality Techs
M. Heru Ardiyanto Developer Passionate in Creative Interactive games Development.
Abdullah Iskandar Developer Experienced in Making AR - VR Apps and Games
Chusnul Chotimah Developer Passionate in mobile application development