Unveiling the Latest Meta Quest Update: What You Need to Know

Meta Quest's v60 update is here, bringing a host of exciting upgrades and one notable removal. The update introduces performance and boundary enhancements, along with three captivating new Home environments. However, it bids farewell to phone notifications within the Meta Quest headset.

Experience the Power: Quest Pro Performance Boost
With the v60 update, the Quest Pro receives a significant performance boost, offering up to 45% more CPU and 19% more GPU power. This enhancement promises a smoother and more responsive experience, particularly in mixed reality applications, paving the way for the development of more complex and powerful apps.

Explore New Horizons: Three Enchanting Environments
Not limited to the Quest Pro, the v60 update extends its improvements to all Meta Quest headsets, including the Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest 2. Users can now immerse themselves in three new Horizon Home environments, each offering a unique and captivating virtual space for entertainment and social interaction.

Seamless Boundaries: Enhanced Boundary Recognition
The v60 update makes the VR headset smarter about user boundaries, eliminating the need to redraw boundaries when transitioning between rooms. By storing this data on Meta's cloud servers, users can enjoy a seamless boundary experience without the hassle of constant reconfiguration.

In addition to these upgrades, the v60 update brings a range of other enhancements, including profile updates, Bluetooth improvements, and more. Stay tuned as the update gradually rolls out this week, and get ready to elevate your VR experience to new heights with Meta Quest v60.

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