3D Artist (Intern)


  • Create a high-quality game ready 3D models and their textures
  • Contribute to the development of 3D art pipeline standards & establishment of 3D art career path in the Art Department
  • Keep up with the latest tools & techniques in the 3D art domain
  • Collaborate with fellow artists, team leads, tech, and design teams to produce high-quality 3D assets & integrate them into the final playable product
  • Collaborate with fellow artists to create game ready rigs & animations
  • Coach fellow artist.


  • Strong first-hand knowledge & practical experience of 3D Digital Content Creation software (Blender, zbrush, Maya, 3DSmax, etc.). [You need to adapt to Blender for production pipeline in Agate.]
  • Able to create high quality 3D model for characters, environments & props
  • Able to create high quality textures using software like Substance Painter/Photoshop or Substance Designer
  • Full understanding of game workflows and pipelines
  • A proactive communicator, willing to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • 5+ years of professional experience in game development industry as 3D Artist with at least one shipped title (excluding academic projects)


  • Experience & interest in developing stylized 3D art
  • Proficiency in setting up rigs to static 3D model
  • Proficiency in creating 3D animation

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